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rob grant president web media properties
Rob Grant Founder
Web Media Properties
Rob Grant is President and CEO of Web Media Properties which controls a global network of over 8000 highly focused vertical domain channels providing advertisers with laser targeting and conversion rates far exceeding traditional ad networks.

The innovative search platform is driven by direct navigation - one of the most powerful and intuitive processes by which consumers search  the internet by typing a domain name directly into their web browser  window.

This unique and very powerful Direct Type-in traffic has been shown to convert at rates far above industry standards and represents a significant ROI for advertisers looking for extremely focused search marketing solutions.
Web Media Properties controls a diverse portfolio of highly focused domain verticals in real-estate, education, sports, music, publishing, and many other industries. You are invited to preview this cross-section of premium industry domains and learn more about our customized search campaigns and geo-targeted search network.

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