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October 2009
Advice From the Most Successful Domain Owners of All Time –

This is part five of a series of five with one piece of advice from some of the most successful domain investors, domain developers, domain monetizers, and others involved in the domain industry. I asked them for one piece of advice they would give to a part-time domain investor looking to build his business. I believe there are quite a few people who are part time domain investors, and I also believe just about anyone involved in the industry can apply some of this advice to their own business models.

I really appreciate all of the contributions from the industry leaders who contributed, and I hope the advice contained within is helpful to you now – or will be helpful to the growth of your business in the future.

Rob Grant, &

All it takes is one good domain.

The rest will follow.

Today, our domain space has become increasingly cluttered with domain litter…useless extensions and obscure country codes that blow around in the wind like trash in a vacant lot… followed by domain investors running wildly around chasing all this garbage.

Don’t chase the litter. Don’t buy the garbage.
Stay focused. Save your money and wait. The moment to grap one good dot com domain has arrived.
You can thank the worst recession in our country’s history for this remarkable opportunity.

I would rather own one good dot com for $100,000. than a large portfolio filled with useless extensions.
Size means nothing in this market. Only quality matters.

When I look back to my early years in this industry – back to 1996 -when the domain stone age was unfolding and just a few dinosaur domainers were roaming around the earth buying domains and bitching about Network Solutions -
Even then, the mantra was always the same.

All it takes is one good domain.

Nothing has changed – even after 13 long years…except the amount of litter that has piled up in the neighborhood.

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